Mastering Software Supply Chain Security with Strategic Defense Mechanisms

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In delivering modern software, vulnerabilities lurk around every corner, and safeguarding the software supply chain is paramount.

Software supply chain cyber-attacks have been rising in recent years, making headlines with high-profile incidents. These attacks can have devastating consequences for organizations, leading to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other disruptions.

One reason for the rise in software supply chain attacks is that they are a highly effective way for attackers to gain access to multiple organizations at once. By compromising a single software vendor or open source project, attackers can gain access to all of the vendor's customers or users.

Join us in this knowledge-packed webinar where we will discuss implementing a robust security approach, ensuring that your code, configurations, and binaries are secure and resilient against malicious threats.

Attend our webinar to learn:

  • Holistic Security Strategies: Discover comprehensive actions to bolster security across code, configurations, and binaries, ensuring a fortified defense against supply chain risks.
  • Operational Risk Management: Gain insights into managing operational risks such as package maintenance issues and technical debt, enabling a smooth and secure development process.
  • Protection Against Malicious Activities: Learn how to identify and mitigate security issues that emerge post-code generation and keep malicious packages at bay to maintain the integrity of the development process.
  • Accelerated Remediation Techniques: Equip yourself with practical knowledge on prioritizing and swiftly addressing vulnerabilities, leveraging enhanced CVE data and developer-friendly, step-by-step fixes to ensure rapid and effective remediation.


Photo of Lakshmi Balasubramaniam

Lakshmi Balasubramaniam

Security Operations Executive, IBM Corporation

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