Next-Gen Infosec - Submission Guidelines

Content Guidelines:

Infosecurity’s Next-Gen Infosec spotlight section welcomes content pitches from the next generation of industry professionals. This includes students, graduates, post-graduates, or indeed people from other industries looking to join the profession.  If you would like to be considered, please send a short synopsis and proposed title for your article to Reporter, James Coker-

The editorial team will then make a decision on whether or not to issue a commission, or advise where else this could be used or improved. 

Please use this opportunity to showcase your knowledge about the industry or a particular topic relevant to the industry. You may want to publish some research, you may want to write an opinion article on a topic that you are passionate about, you may wish to analyse a particular technology or method used by industry. 

  • Any submissions must be content exclusive to Infosecurity. We will not consider publishing non-exclusive content. You are free to publish the introductory paragraph(s) on your own social media/blog, but please do include a link to the original publication on 
  • Each piece of content should be 600-800 words. For research that is longer than this, such as a dissertation or long form piece of research, we will consider running part of it as an article and link to the author or the full document.
  • Please supply a 1-2 sentence summary of the article that incorporates the article key words and author’s name.
  • Deadline: On commission, the editor will give a deadline to work towards. 
  • Opinion/comment articles should have a clear thesis, and should examine topics/subjects relevant to information security professionals. They should not be product advertisements. Product advertisement articles, or “advertorials” will not be accepted.
  • Our editorial team will edit content for house style, spelling and grammar. We use American English. Please try to follow this.
  • We will set up an author profile for you, so please send your full name, status and academic institution (ie: student, grad, postgrad, or current job title if in another industry), your TwitterTag and LinkedIn URL if you have them, and a headshot of yourself.
  • We have editorial guidelines on this page, please refer to this for any questions on content or style.

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