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  1. Healthcare Cloud Security Build vs. Buy

    Healthcare organizations face both challenges and opportunities as data management increasingly migrates to the cloud, and in-house IT teams must determine whether engaging with a healthcare cybersecurity vendor is the right choice for handling some or all their operations. In this white paper, we help you uncover strategies and best practices that can empower your organization to thrive in this era of technological transformation and heightened security concerns.

  2. A CISO's Guide to Post-Quantum Cryptography Migration

    Find out what decision-makers can do today to begin building a quantum-resilient organization

  3. Corporates Up Their Cyber Preparedness As Cyber Attacks Become More Widespread

    Given the extent of business disruption arising from some recent cyber events, the financial impact is becoming more meaningful

  4. 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Active Directory Password Policy

    A comprehensive guide to securing your first line of defense against cyber-attacks.

  5. Enhancing Information Security Resilience with the New ISO/IEC 27001 Standard

    The ISO/IEC 27001 international information security standard was updated in 2022, reflecting major changes to business practices

  6. Reduce downtime in ICS & OT from days and weeks to minutes

    This white paper presents an innovative solution for cyber- attacks on critical assets minimizing downtime and reducing the recovery process from days and weeks to minutes!

  7. Logpoint Emerging Threats Report: Russia v Ukraine. Round 2 Gamma Edition

    Discover how this cyber war has evolved since February 2022 and how Logpoint’s solutions and playbooks can help to prepare for, and respond to, an increase in Gamaredon malware.

  8. The New Standard in Cyber-Attack Recovery for ICS & OT

    In an increasingly interconnected world, critical infrastructures such as power grids, transportation networks, and water treatment facilities have become attractive targets for cybercriminals. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) have emerged as a significant threat, capable of causing extensive damage and disruption. Since cyber-attacks have become inevitable, mitigation is a must; This white paper presents an innovative solution for cyber- attacks on critical assets.

  9. Managed File Transfer for Enterprise: The Buyer’s Guide

    Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Reports provide a comprehensive evaluation of popular products in the Managed File Transfer - Enterprise market. This buyer’s guide is designed to help prospective purchasers make better decisions by leveraging the experiences of real users.

  10. Three Ways to Spot Insider Risk

    The biggest challenge to spotting a threat is knowing what to look for.

  11. How to Choose a File Upload Security Solution for Web Applications

    Discover key strategies to fortify web applications against malicious file uploads with this comprehensive guide.

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