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  1. Moldovan Behind E-Root Marketplace Gets US Federal Prison Term

    Sandu Boris Diaconu was involved in conspiracy to commit access device and computer fraud

  2. FCC Agrees to Cyber Trust Mark for IoT Products

    The voluntary FCC program will allow smart device manufacturers to demonstrate to consumers that their product has met robust cybersecurity standards

  3. Over 50,000 Vulnerabilities Discovered in DoD Systems Through Bug Bounty Program

    Seven years into its ethical hacking program, the Pentagon received its 50,000th vulnerability report on March 15

  4. Three New Critical Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Argo

    The flaws, identified by KTrust, enable attackers to bypass rate limits and brute force protection mechanisms

  5. Microsoft: 87% of UK Organizations Vulnerable to Costly Cyber-Attacks

    A Microsoft report found that 87% of UK organizations are either vulnerable or at high-risk of cyber-attacks, and urged investment in AI as a security tool

  6. NHS Dumfries and Galloway Warns of “Significant” Data Theft

    Scottish NHS trust reveals patient and staff data may have been taken in security breach

  7. IMF Investigates Serious Cybersecurity Breach

    The International Monetary Fund says it is still looking into a recent compromise of multiple email accounts

  8. NIST National Vulnerability Database Disruption Sees CVE Enrichment on Hold

    Vulnerability data has stopped being added to the most widely used software vulnerability database for over a month, putting organizations at risk – and nobody knows why

  9. HSE Misconfiguration Exposed Over a Million Irish Citizens’ Vaccine Status

    An AppOmni researcher detailed a misconfiguration in the HSE COVID Vaccination Portal, exposing the health and personal data of over a million Irish citizens

  10. TikTok Faces US Ban as House Votes to Compel ByteDance to Sell

    The vote saw 352 members of Congress supporting the bill while only 65 opposed it

  11. New Report Suggests Surge in SaaS Assets, Employee Data Sharing

    DoControl said one in six employees was found to have shared company data via personal email

  12. French Employment Agency Data Breach Could Affect 43 Million People

    France’s employment agency suffered a massive breach, exposing the data of users who registered over the past 20 years

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