Ransomware: The Return of the Vicious Cycle

Despite a general slowdown of ransomware attacks in in 2022 we are now experiencing a resurgence of ransomware activities.

In this episode, the Infosecurity Magazine team discuss some of the research recently published by threat analysts in the ransomware space and what it is demonstrating about how threat actors are evolving their approaches in 2023.

This includes interviews with two cybersecurity experts who have uncovered critical new insights into the evolution of ransomware.

Guests include:

  • Jacqueline Burns Koven, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Chainalysis, explains why ransomware is on course for one of its biggest years to date (07.15)
  • Dr Karen Nershi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Internet Observatory, discusses increasing political motivations for this threat vector (22.45)

Tune in now to understand the latest ransomware trends and tactics.

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